Useful to know

Common right of access and common sense

Swedish nature is open to all – you can enjoy the scents, birdsong, flowering meadows and the peace and quiet of the forest. However, you must take care of nature and show consideration for both people and animals. Don’t disturb – don’t destroy is the general rule when availing yourself of common right of access to private land.

You may walk, cycle, ride, ski and temporarily remain in nature as long as you do not risk damaging crops, forestation or other sensitive land.

It is permitted to erect a tent for a day or two on land that is not used for farming and is not too close to a residence

Never start a fire if there is the least risk of it spreading. During dry weather there are often fire bans in place.

Swimming and boating:
You may swim, moor your boat and go ashore almost anywhere, with the exception of next to a dwelling or where admittance is specifically prohibited. Otherwise, the same rules of consideration apply as when camping.

Read more about Common right of access here (Swedish):

Recovery, roadside repair, opening of locked vehicles, all hour repairs and transport of motorcycles, cars, lorries and buses.
Telephone number for assistance +46 (0) 20 912 912

Car rental
Avis at the airport +46 (0) 431 241 75
Hertz at the airport and Kungsgårdsleden +46 (0) 431 242 70
Börjessons Car Hire, Helsingborgsvägen 25, +46 (0) 431 45 85 00

Free Wi-Fi
There are free internet surfing zones at Stadsbiblioteket (the public library) and Stortorget (the central square)

24 hour dental care
Emergency dental care
+46 (0) 771 160 170–behandling/akut-tandvard

Prescription collection and pharmacy sales
Kronans Droghandel Apotek , Storgatan 31 H, Ängelholm.
Kronans Droghandel Apotek , Laxgatan 6, Ängelholm.
+46 (0) 771 612 612

Telephone 112 in an emergency
Telephone 114 14 for other matters

Public library
Stortorget, 262 32 Ängelholm
+46 (0) 431 46 89 00

Town hall/Customer services
Municipal offices. Ängelholm Municipality Administrative Centre and Customer Services.
Östra vägen 2, 26 232 Ängelholm
+46 (0) 431 87 000

Taxi Ängelholm
+46 (0) 431 171 70

Specialist shop for beer, wine and spirits
Storgatan 47B
+46 (0) 431 100 45

Public toilets
Public toilets are available at the following town centre locations
Stortorget, behind the old Rådhuset – Free
Stadsbibliotek, Stortorget – Free
Tourist Information Centre, Järnvägsgatan 5 – Coin operated SEK 5

Twin towns
Höje-Taastrup, Denmark
Consists of three towns (Höje, Taastrup and Hedenhusene) plus 14 smaller villages. The municipality is located approximately 20 km west of Copenhagen and with its total area of 78 km2 and 48,000 inhabitants is one of the largest municipalities in the area of the capital.
Höje-Taastrup has been twinned with Ängelholms since 1947 and the two towns occasionally arrange joint activities.
Bygaden 2
DK-2630 Taastrup Danmark

Kamen, Germany
The old Hansa town of Kamen is located in the east of the Ruhr area, 25 km northeast of Dortmund. The town is at the geographic centre of the Unna administrative district and, with its 50,000 inhabitants, Kamen is our largest twin town.
Kamen has been twinned with Ängelholms since 1978.
Rathausplatz 1
DE-59174 Kamen

Dobele, Lettland
Dobele is beautifully located beside the Bērze River in southern Latvia, 72 km from the capital Riga. Dobele Municipality covers 890 km2 and consists of the town of Dobele and ten villages in the surrounding area. Dobele town has a population of approximately 11,000 people.
Dobele has been twinned with Ängelholms since 1992.
Dobeles Novada Dome
Brivibas iela 17
Dobele LV 3701 Lettand

Ängelholm Hospital
Ängelholm Hospital is a local hospital offering community healthcare, rehabilitation and specialist care.
+46 (0) 431 81 000